Snacking regularly with healthy foods will help prevent succumbing to junk food.
Fructose (like corn syrup) is more likely to be converted to fat.
Our fleet of temperature-controlled catering trucks ensures that hot food is delivered piping hot.
You can be low or deficient in Vitamin D, even if you go out in the sun regularly.
Eating breakfast every day can improve test scores and attention span in class.
We’re all about great flavors, great balance, and great portion control.
Sugar can “hide” in the most unusual places — like bread, ketchup, salad dressings, and other sauces.
We’re committed to serving school meals that you’d be happy to order at a quality restaurant.
It takes 55 minutes of bike riding for a 10-year-old to burn off the calories from 8 ounces of soda.
Among our healthy meals? Grilled Angus-beef burgers, two-cheese tortellini, and portabella plus mozzarella panini.


Award-winning Chef Azmin Ghahreman loves kids, and loves to cook. So committed to the idea that every child deserves the best beginning in life that we can provide for them, he leads a team of culinary experts in his goal to achieve that. They are advised by pediatricians, dietitians and education administrators to create a series of restaurant-quality meals and snacks to feed students, faculty and parents - whether at school, at the playing field, or at concession stands. What’s more, his programs help them learn how to feed themselves -- healthfully, deliciously, and easily -- for a lifetime. What better way to get started?