about us

Our mission statement is:  To nourish and educate young people for a lifetime of well-being.

In order to accomplish this, Chef Azmin bases the school menus on the Mediterranean Diet. The diet includes eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Oils derived from plants and fish that promote the production of good cholesterol and, ultimately, heart health. 

The Sapphire at School program is overseen by doctors, dietitians, market trend experts, educators, headmasters and students. The menus offer a variety of flavors and choices, and each dish is created by Chef Azmin. In all of them, he relies on healthy whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritious legumes, herbs, and spices to create bold, exciting flavors. The program offers servings of lean meats, all natural poultry and eggs, hormone-free dairy products, and, in spare amounts, sweets such as homemade cookies. We’re particularly sensitive to special diets, and provide menus to accommodate celiac and diabetic requirements. Additionally, we have omitted peanuts from our school menu to mitigate allergic reactions, and we don’t use trans fats, additives or preservatives.  We can prepare our meals in on-site kitchens at school, or in our own 5,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, and deliver meals in our temperature controlled trucks. Our menus are published on-line for parents to review, and special meals can be pre-ordered.

Chef Azmin was raised in a family with Mediterranean roots where every child is considered a treasure to be cherished and protected by everyone, Chef Azmin sees each child, very simply, as his own responsibility.

“Every Child Is My Child” is the phrase he coined to provide an umbrella beneath which he can and has developed and nurtured programs to take positive action on behalf of children in the field in which he excels: providing delicious, innovative, and healthy meals that broaden both the mind and the palate.

Sapphire at School is an extension of that program, designed to introduce healthy eating alternatives to children and their families by expanding their knowledge of nutrition and increasing their awareness of flavors.