Beginning in 2008, Sapphire at School® began working to make the school lunch process a little easier – and a lot better – all the way around.

Long before the school lunch quality issue came to surface, we created a unique lunch program designed to bring a chef-driven alternative to the table and to provide students with a lifetime of well-being and education… incorporating honest, transparent and flexible lunch options, with variety, quality, and freshness as the key components to our mission.

We have led the path to provide chef-driven menus to students. Our overall quality of experience with food and beverage wellness is at the forefront of the industry.


Our menus are a collaboration of culinary experts, and each meal and snack is prepared fresh, daily, under Chef’s standards. We present selections of restaurant-quality meals that are delicious and appealing, with old favorites re-imagined balancing nutrients and satisfy cravings. Each meal is filled with new elements from our international repertoire to introduce students and staff to a whole world of exciting flavors.

As your partner, we are a one-stop shop in helping create anything from the school newsletter or chef-taught cooking classes, to the special event gala and last minute catering needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our program with you.

chef azmin - chef devin