As much as possible, we source our food from local growers and suppliers. This allows us to strengthen local economies by assisting small-scale producers, and to shorten supply chains, ensuring freshness. For our Orange County programs, our meats come from Newport Meat Company, our produce comes from California Produce, and the fresh fish comes from Santa Monica Seafood - all delivered up to six days a week.

Buying directly from family farmers for our fruits and vegetables helps these small "cottage industries" stay in business.  That's not just good news for them, but for all the people they work with, buy from, and supply ... and for everyone who relishes the flavor of food produced under the practiced eyes of experienced growers, nurtured and harvested by hand. Fresh food is tastier and, because there is less chemical degradation, more nutritious. What’s more, locally produced food provides low-dose exposure to the local environment, which helps strengthen the immune response to the things present all around us.

Most of our food packaging materials are made of sugars taken from plants grown every year. Our drinking cups are made from PLA (Polylactic Acid), a natural plastic material stemming from Ingeo, which is made from plants instead of oil. It is 100% annually renewable and certified compostable.

Our tableware is a fiber material that is made of a blend of bagasse (sugar cane) and bamboo, which are also sustainable, and an annually renewable source.

For more information about our packing materials, please visit www.pactiv.com