Content provided by: Tiffani Ghere, Clinical Pediatric Dietitian

Why and how we eat is as important what we are eating. When researchers studied the eating habits of children and their parents, some very important information was discovered, and it can play a big role in helping children gain a healthy understanding of food. About 50% of meals of school age children are eaten with a parent, though nearly 25% are consumed in front of the television.

Children see their parents as the single greatest influence on their nutritional choices, and it is their parents who they would talk to about their weight or body size. When asked what drives their food choices and purchases, parents ranked nutrition and the child’s taste preferences equally as the most important factors. This strongly supports the idea of creating and eating family meals together, making food choices together, talking with your kids, planting a home garden, grocery shopping, and learning about food and nutrition together as a family.








     Citation: Executive Summary, ADAF Family Nutrition