Content provided by: Tiffani Ghere, Clinical Pediatric Dietitian

Our knowledge of food is constantly evolving, so Chef Azmin stays on top of it by continuing to educate himself. Classes, seminars, symposiums; meetings with dietitians, doctors, chefs, and experts in well-being; visits to farms, food mills, and production centers; conferences like Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives & Healthy Flavors, Healthy Kids: all these are means of expanding his knowledge in the field. Additionally, he travels greatly, searching for new flavors, different cultural cuisines, and even unfamiliar foods, and he works with creative, upcoming new chefs to shake things up. He's constantly seeking new ideas and inspiration. After all, he says, when you're cooking, you want to always use the freshest ingredients — and that includes your attitude.

Culinary Institute of America at Greystone Campus

Presented by Harvard School of Public Health and Culinary Institute of America

A Leadership Conference Bridging Nutrition Science, Health Care, and the Culinary Arts. An Annual Gathering of Physicians, Dietitians, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals; Hospital, Insurance, and Other Healthcare Executives; and Healthcare Foodservice.

Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio
Presented by Culinary Institute of America

The CIA expanded its mission to advance healthier food choices through its new Healthy Flavors, Healthy Kids initiative, beginning with a national, invitational culinary and nutrition leadership summit held at the CIA's new San Antonio, Texas campus.

The core of the Healthy Flavors, Healthy Kids initiative is focusing on culinary insights and actions around K-12 school foodservice, but chain and other restaurant kids' menus, campus dining, and the family food environment are also being examined. And in all cases, we are looking to enhance the role of America's chefs as leaders and change agents, principally through better equipping them with the understanding and kinds of tools they will need to be more effective in transforming the food environments of children, youth, and their families.