Since education is the heart of a school, Sapphire at School has the capabilities to transform your lunchroom into a learning opportunity. We’ve created cooking classes to run concurrently with our lunch program that focus on global culinary. Using the food we serve — and those the students might grow in their school garden — as learning tools, we teach students about the culture of food, about the impact location, climate, and politics have on crops, about how food has facilitated civilization, and vice versa. We also provide practical instruction, including basic food identification and preparation, about sustainable farming and “farm-to table” provisions, and about the science of ingredients, the chemical changes that take place in food as it is cooked. Not least of all, we teach the science of food: its role in biology, and how it contributes to growth or physical make-up; the chemistry of mixing and blending or altering molecular states through the application of heat or introduction of other foods; the physics involved in cooking; the mathematics of measuring and portion-planning; and the unique properties of the whole process, combined.

And, through our “Foods Around The World” cooking classes, we’ll bring a whole world of learning to you, your family, and your community with new flavors, textures, and experiences. We’ll introduce students to the foods and cultures of far-flung places. 

We’ll expand student's horizons as we circle the globe. By exploring other countries, we'll teach them about the origins of foods in different cultures, and explain the impact of geology, climates, and climate change on food. Students will develop a unique perspective about food production and how it shapes society. And, on top of all that, they’ll use math skills and work with weights and measures — as well as cooking tools from other societies.

Whether you're advanced or a beginner, our cooking classes will enable you to feed your family the foods they’ll love for a lifetime. You’ll learn how to prepare tasty, nutritious meals at home. What’s more, we’ll teach you about farm-to-table sustainability, so you’ll learn how to shop not just to support your budget, but to support local farmers and businesses – which can only strengthen the community in which you live.

We can cater classes to specific groups. We have the resources, the wherewithal, and, what’s more important, the desire to work with you. Want to arrange private cooking lessons for a special group of friends? Like to get the whole family involved, from kids to grandparents? We can make it happen. 

Contact us at 949.715.3320 or and let’s get started.